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Add phpthumb

In version 1.4 of Magic fields phpthumb was removed due to several issues, to mention a few:

  • phpthumb the last update was in May 2008 (changelog)
  • not compatible with PHP 5.3
  • most people only use 4 phpthumb functions (w, h, zc q) these functions were replaced
  • Magic optimize code fields, phpthumb has about 7000 lines of code

Magic Fields created a class which replaces the functionality of phpthumb. This is a small manual on how to re-integrate magic phpthumb fields that you can reuse.

  • download this file (phpthumb) this is the phpthumb that we used in previous versions and contains the correct settings
  • unzip the contents of the folder, name is phpthumb_old, place this folder in the thirdparty folder (this folder is inside the magic fields folder)
  • add the following features funcions at the end of the file get-custom.php

Use functions, gen_image_p and get_image_p instead of get_image and gen_image, to generate images that support phpthumb with the same parameters.

If you made use of the constant PHPTHUMB to generate images via url now you are able to use PHPTHUMB_OLD

(Thanks jayson for article translation).

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