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Installing Magic Fields

Magic Fields (MF) is installed as any other Wordpress plugin, once you have downloaded the plugin place it in the folder : /wp-content/plugin. Magic Fields can be installed in many different ways:



Installing Magic Fields in a simple way

This is the normal way of Wordpress (only for one site). Once you have the plugin on the site go to the plugin administrator and activate Magic Fields.

At this moment Magic Fields will create the necessary tables if they don't exist and will make any update needed.

Magic Fields uses two folders to save files and thumbnails, Magic Fields can create these two folders when the plugin is activated, this depends on the permissions that wp-content has, if Magic Fields doesn't create these folders it will show a message similar like this one:

If this is the case it is necessary to create the folders manually. The folders that need to be created are:




These folders must have write permission so that Magic Filds can save information correctly.

With these simple steps we have Magic Fields ready to start working with it.



Installing Magic Fields in Network Mode

This node is exclusive for Wordpress Mu. If we activate Magic Fields in Network mode it will be available for all the sites in the installation of Wordpress Mu and will share the same PostTypes. In other words all Post Types and the fields you create will be available for all other sites.

Once Magic Fields is in the plugin folder inside the Wordpress administrator click on “Network admin” located on the upper right corner link, this will take us to the Network Administrator.

Inside the Newtork Administrator go to the left menu and click on plugins. The network administrator is very similar to normal sites, but the link changes from “Activate” to “Network Activate”.

When you're working on the Wordpress Mu mode the files are saved in the blogs.dir folder inside wp-content. Magic Fields uses this folder to separate files for different sites. If we have this folder created and the correct permissions the folders “files_mf” and “files/cache” will be created for every site we have. Otherwise a message of the folder we need to create will be displayed.

For every existing site in Wordpress Mu a folder for the files must exist.



Simple Magic Fields installation in Wordpress Mu

This type of installation is for people that only want Magic Fields in certain sites of their Wordpress Mu or want different Post Types in their sites. The Magic Fields activation is done by site and in a simple way.

Because we are dealing with Wordpress Mu Magic Fields uses the folder Blogs.dir/{blog_id} to create the folder “files_mf” and “files_mf/cache”, if Magic Fields can't create them it will show a notice so we create them manually.

In this case activate Magic Fields for one of the sites of my Wordpress Mu installation the site will have a blog_id of 2.



Mu-plugins Mode

It's not recommended to install Magic fields this way, with “Wordpress Mu” integrated with “Wordpress” the Network mode was created for plugins. Every characteristic with which we had mu-plugins are contained in Network, so it's advisable to install as Network mode if you want the plugin to be available for all sites.

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