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Magic Fields

Magic Fields is a Wordpress plugin which allows to extend the functionality of this and bring it to a CMS.

The version 2.0 of Magic Fields now works with Post Type allowing that there should be achieved a better integration and managing of the content. With Magic Fields you can add easily new Post Types and Custom Taxonomies.


As you can see in the picture above was added the Post Type “Review”. In Magic Fields's dashboard there can be seen all the Post Types that the system has registered (registered by Wordpress or by other plugins), in a few words you can add Custom Fields to any Post Type that the system has registered.

For the Post Types created with Magic Fields we have the options to add fields/groups, to edit the Post Type and erase it.

While for the Post Types registered by third parties only we can add fields/groups.

For every Post Type we can create Fields or Groups of fields. Every fields it has his General options and some fields have particular options.

And when we created or edit a element of Post Type we would see it as follows:

To show the content of the fields in our template we use functions as get, get_image, get_audio between many others that we will see in the section template functions.

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