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  1. When duplicating groups keep the Duplicate Field Button(+) on the last group, rather than staying on the original group. It's easily lost if you re-order the groups later.
  2. When asked if I want to associate a write panel with a post/page and I click β€œDon't Assign Custom Write Panel,” remember my choice or give me the option to remember my choice.
  3. Ability to define duplicate fields as sortable or not, turn off the sort grab to the left. Some data sets should not be sorted.
  4. Reassociate a page with a different Custom Write Panel or the possibility of unlink from a Custom Write Panel.
  5. To assign a Custom Write Panel to a page from the Edit pages panel, /wp-admin/edit-pages.php, through a select in the 'panel name' column and the possibility of use bulk actions. So, we could delete de Custom Write Panel links from the Pages menu to better integration.
  6. Ability to give fields (or at least the duplicated fields) a new name and ability to echo this name in template.
  7. Custom fields wich are available on each site. A global panel for boxes wich can used on every page you want for example get_global('MyFieldName'); Very basic and very usefull.
  8. Inline-editing for each Element (e.g. comments). For example to edit the excerpt on the blog-index page (multiple)
  9. Upload status bar
  10. Ability to have the multi-line textboxes use the CKeditor html editor.
  11. Ability to associate with Next Gen Galleries (saw someone post this in a blog comment, too)
  12. Display the field variable in the write panel higher level table so that it's easier to grab it for use in code.
  13. Custom Permalink Slug to each post type (ie if i have 'movies' write panel, retrieve all movies custom post)
  14. [Accepted for v1.5] Use Media Library for Uploads: As an option, offer a field that taps into WordPress' existing media library instead of using its own upload function for selecting images.
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